International Association of Medical Gas Therapist

Dear Colleagues!

I am present you the Articles of Association of the International Association of Medical Therapists (IAMGT). The Association was created on September 12, 2019 by an initiative group consisting of representatives of Bulgaria, Georgia, Moldova, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Austria, Finland, Sweden at the final 6th conference of the Asian-European Union. ozone therapists (Shtutovo, Poland). The Association was created as the legal successor of the Asian-European Union of Ozone Therapists and was registered as such in Ukraine on February 12, 2020 in Odessa. The management of the Association is decentralized and carried out
on the basis of an annual rotation of the office of the President, and persons who have served as President are included in the Council of the Vice-Presidents of the Association and occupy a privileged position in the Association when making decisions on the strategy and tactics of activity. The association is open to the participation of national chapters. To join the Association, you must send an application for admission to the Association to the Permanent Organizing Committee of the Association. Applications are accepted only from associations of specialists officially registered in the country in the field of the use of medical gases in medicine and biology.

Chairman of the permanent organizing committee Evgeny Iv.Nazarov

The main purpose of the Association is:

– satisafction and protectoin of the laws, economic, creative and other common interest of its members and the development of modern methods of medical gas therapy (MGT) in member countries.

The main objectives of the Association are:

– ensuring health protection around the World by introducing modern methods of MGT into medical practive;

– wide dissemination of knowledge about the latest achievements and methods of MGT and other branches of alternative medicine;

– the use of a healthy lifestyle through the use of MGT.

To fulfill the goals and objectives of the Association:

– holding and taking part in charity events and events aimed at improving the level of health protection of citizens member countries;

– take part in seminars, conferences of other forums on topical issues of MGT in order to develop knowledge and further exhange of experience;

– creates local cells of the Association on the territory of member countries;

-collaborates with manufacturers of equipment for MGT in order to further improve domestic equipment;

– establishes the media;

– cooperation with similar organizations and citizens of the country.

Chairman of the organizing committee of IAMGT

prof. Eugeny I.Nazarov