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Modeling Ten Pass with 70 gamma and 1.5 bar. Ozone concentration above the blood surface – 105 gamma! Catastrophic hemolysis!


This is the cherry on the cake. This is our Bozon-BMS-H2-O3- transcranial brain stimulation that activates the limbic system. This stimulation fixes the conditioned reflex to ozone and hydrogen. For patients with a depressive episode in history, this is simply a salvation. True for these patients need three procedures. For me, one is enough.

Eboo procedure

5 months have passed since the last eboo procedure. Even on Saturday, I felt that I did not want to go to work. It seemed strange to me. After some reflection, I realized, it’s very simple: according to my own theory, the conditioned reflex to ozone is quenched … Therefore, today I support the conditioned…
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Ozone-hydrogen pump-room BOZON-H2/O3 Installation is:• an autonomous source of chilled drinking water saturated with hydrogen with a concentration of 1.4 ppm. The supply of hydrogen water for drinking is 20 liters. • an autonomous source of ozonized distilled water with a concentration of 0-10 mg / l. The stock of ozonated water is 20 liters.The installation is…
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Automatic device “Bozon N noble” for inhalations by noble gases The concentration of Xe, Kr or He – 5-60% – O2 concentration above 25% – Relative error Xe maintain the concentration of not more than 10% – The concentration of CO2 is not more than 0.06% – The device is fully automated and built according to the scheme of a closed loop. – There…
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Molecular hydrogen for some diseases works much better than ozone.

Posted by Zimson Chan on Thursday, October 12, 2017